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How to build a six- figure business as a Buyers Agent here in the UK.

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Click below to access my foundational training course to teach you how to represent clients as a Buyers Agent in the UK and build a successful business doing so.

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This is your advanced  roadmap to profitably growing your Buyer Agency business by utilising my downloadable toolkits and tutorials to help you build a six figure business.

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Welcome to the Buyer Agency Academy.

What will you learn?

This is your comprehensive guide to building a six figure buyer agency business in the UK.

Our foundation course covers the essential knowledge and skills, whilst our advanced course provides downloadable tools and resources to provide rocket fuel for your Buyer Agency business.

If you are ready to learn how to represent clients at the highest level, how to brand yourself as a Buyers Agent, create a marketing plan and utilise social media to grow your brand identity, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here, you will find the vital tools to simplify your business operations and assist you further in becoming a renowned Buyers Agent in your market.

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What will we cover in the foundation course? Look at the sneak peek below...

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Why am I the best person to train you?


I have a real passion for helping people find their perfect home or investment property in London. As someone who moved to the UK in 2011 I know the ins and outs of making a big move to a new location and the importance of finding the perfect area. 

I built my passion for property while working in the states as a real estate investment banker and personal investor. Once I moved to London I fell in love with not just the architecture of this global city, but the incredible neighbourhoods that offer a diversity of feel and amenities. Onyx was for me the manifestation of my entire background to do work I enjoy while helping people in a very personal way.

I'm now ready to teach others what I know and support upcoming Agents like you to successfully build your business as a Buyers Agent.

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"I am so glad I decided to learn from Ugo. My business has grown remarkably and my client list is already increasing through my improved social media presence."


-M. Dove

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